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The Mad, Bad Duke is Out!


The Mad, Bad Duke, book 2 of the Nvengaria series is out! Find it at 


Print edition:

I confess this is one of my favorite all-time books. I love the dark, dangerous Alexander, Meagan not letting him get away with anything, and the Nvengarian servants and bodyguards who are all on her side. I also always enjoy the The Beauty and the Beast theme.

If you enjoy the book–or remember it fondly from the past–please consider posting a review. It’s hard to get visibility for re-published books, and every little bit helps! 

Note that these books are Fantasy Romance–which means there will be shape-shifting, magic, love spells, and other crazy things going on in Regency London. 

The whole series should now either be available for purchase or Pre-order:

Penelope & Prince Charming

The Mad, Bad Duke

Highlander Ever After

The Longest Night

PRINT editions will be out on the day of release.

Highlander Ever After and The Longest Night both have Christmas / Hogmanay themes if you’re looking for a holiday read!

 JenniferAshley_PenelopeandPrinceCharming250  JenniferAshley_HighlanderEverAfter_200  JenniferAshley_TheLongestNight_200

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