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I have re-released the Regency romance Duke in Search of a Duchess, that originally appeared in the Dukes by the Dozen anthology (which has since been taken off sale).

The Duke of Ashford is fixed in his unvarying routine, and his three children have decided that what he needs to soften him up is a wife. The young widow next door, Helena Courtland, is the perfect person to help find a match for him–to Ashford’s dismay. He can’t think of anyone worse than the talkative, busybody, interfering Helena Courtland barging into his life. He also doesn’t understand why he keeps wanting to kiss her …






If you already have the Dukes antho, then you have it, but it is now available on its own. I am working on a sequel, starring Ashford’s friend Guy. (A Kiss for Luck, in A Midsummer Night’s Romance).


On April 16: Dukes by the Dozen!

I’ve joined 12 Regency romance authors in this anthology of brand new, never-before-released Regency novellas! 

My story is “Duke in Search of a Duchess” —The meticulous Duke of Ashford is dismayed when his children inform him they’ve asked the young widow next door to find Ash a new wife. Ash can’t think of a more appalling assistant than Helena Courtland, the gossipy busybody he steadfastly avoids. But Helena sweeps into his home and his life before he can stop her, turning Ash’s precisely ordered world on its head.



I had a great time going to the Regency world for this romance! I’ll have to write more in this vein.