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Shifters Unbound

Book cover for Shifter Made by Jennifer AshleyShifter MadeA Prequel Novella
Book cover for Bodyguard by Jennifer AshleyBodyguardBook 2.5
Book cover for Wild Cat by Jennifer AshleyWild CatBook 3
Book cover for Hard Mated by Jennifer AshleyHard MatedBook 3.5
Book cover for Perfect Mate (Jennifer Ashley)Perfect MateBook 4.25
Book cover for Lone Wolf by Jennifer AshleyLone WolfBook 4.5
Book cover for Feral Heat by Jennifer AshleyFeral HeatBook 5.5
Book cover for Wild Wolf by Jennifer AshleyWild WolfBook 6
Book cover for Mate Bond by Jennifer AshleyMate BondBook 7
Book cover for Lion Eyes by Jennifer AshleyLion EyesBook 7.25
Book cover for Bad Wolf by Jennifer AshleyBad WolfBook 7.5
Book cover for Wild Things by Jennifer AshleyWild ThingsBook 7.75
Book cover for Red Wolf by Jennifer AshleyRed WolfBook 10
Book cover for Tiger Striped by Jennifer AshleyTiger StripedBook 11.5
Book cover for Bear Facts by Jennifer AshleyBear FactsBook 15
Book cover for Unbound Anthology with Jennifer Ashley.UnboundAn Anthology ("Perfect Mate" from the Shifters Unbound)
Book cover for Shifter Mates by Jennifer AshleyShifter MatesA Shifters Unbound Anthology
Book cover for Shifters Unbound Novellas by Jennifer AshleyShifters Unbound NovellasNovella Collection

Riding Hard Series

Book cover for Riding Hard: Adam by Jennifer AshleyAdamBook 1
Book cover for Grant by Jennifer AshleyGrantBook 2
Book cover for Carter by Jennifer AshleyCarterBook 3
Book cover for Tyler by Jennifer AshleyTylerBook 4
Book cover for Ross by Jennifer AshleyRossBook 5
Book cover for Kyle by Jennifer AshleyKyleBook 6
Book cover for Ray by Jennifer AshleyRayBook 7
Book cover for Hal by Jennifer AshleyHalBook 8
Book cover for A Riverbend Christmas by Jennifer AshleyA Riverbend ChristmasA Holiday Novella

Stormwalker Series

Book cover for Double Hexed by Allyson JamesDouble HexedBook 3.5
Book cover for A Little Night Magic by Allyson JamesA Little Night MagicStormwalker Prequel Novella (Hot for the Holidays)
Book cover for Stormwalker Series Volume 1First three novels of the Stormwalker series
Book cover for Stormwalker Series Volume 2Books 4-6 of the Stormwalker series

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