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Red Wolf and Big Book Giveaway!

Red Wolf came out on May 2 and hit the USA Today Bestseller list! I am thrilled! More Shifters are in the works, of course.

I just turned in book 2 of the Kat Holloway Victorian Mysteries (also called the Below Stairs Mysteries), and I’m off and running writing new books and novellas as well. More on that in another post.

I’d also like to alert you to a giveaway I’m doing with Booksweeps: Enter to win a ton o’ historical romances plus a chance at a tablet.

The catch?– Becoming a follower on either my Amazon Author page or my Bookbub page to enter. These pages generate an email every time I have a book released or on pre-order. The beauty is, you get alerted and don’t have to read my ramblings on my newsletter, LOL.

Go here to enter:

The giveaway ends at the end of May. Good luck!

(Note: I am not sure if it’s international–please check on the entry form. I don’t put these contests together, so I don’t always know).

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