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New Mystery Release!

Blood of a Gladiator is the first of a new mystery series I write as Ashley Gardner.

Meet Leonidas, a gladiator freed from the games, and Cassia, a scribe assigned to assist him. Set in the time of Nero (about 63 AD), Leonidas must find a way to survive, and finds himself embroiled in murder and mysteries.

Find it in Print and E-book at all vendors:

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I spent a good part of my time in Rome last year researching for this book. I love this period of history! Enjoy.


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Madelaine Stewary
Madelaine Stewary
5 months ago

Fabulous – just loved the Leonidas and Cassia mysteries. Very intriguing and just love the characters- what a delightful duo Leonidas and Cassia make – they are complementary and both curious each in their own way. I like also that we are starting to learn about their early lives. Hope he sets her free and they marry. And one day he notes that he is looking back as he tells these tales – writing from his farm surrounded by Cassia his wife and their children. I guess I am a romantic. At heart.