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More Kat Holloway and Other Series in the Works

I have been silent because I have been writing. Writing stalled from October to December, and then I suddenly wrote a book (went through revisions and edits and everything), a short novella for an anthology, revised another book, and now am working on another novel, which will be done and turned in April 1.

Whew! I knew I needed to catch up, but I really got slammed. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Leonidas the Gladiator Book 3 (The Ring that Caesar Wore) is available for pre-order. (I write this series as Ashley Gardner.) Out March 21 (one week!).

You can read chapter one here.

I am now back in Kat Holloway’s kitchen, watching her, Cynthia, Daniel, Tess, and the gang solve another mystery. This one involves her friend Joanna Millburn, whose husband, Sam, has been accused of all sorts of crimes. Kat, who knows Sam is the most innocent man in the world, will not let him take the fall. The title of this one (book 7 of the Below Stairs Mysteries) is Speculations in Sin. More on this book when it’s done (I’ll know pre-order information and pub date soon).

The short novella I just finished on is a spinoff of the Below Stairs Mysteries, a story involving Miss Townsend and Bobby (Cynthia’s friends), who help Mrs. Holloway solve a little mystery. That short story: “The Price of Lemon Cake” will first appear in a charity anthology called Pride not Prejudice, releasing in June. Once the anthology is finished, I will re-publish the story by itself.

Next on my plate, after a much-needed vacation, will be Bear Facts, a brand new Shifter novel! And then I get into a new Regency romance, but more about that anon.

I hope spring is springing wherever you are. I live in the desert, and it’s been cold, cold, cold. Never seen a winter stay consistently cold this long. Finally we’ve reached warmer temps, and I can finally open the windows!

Take care!

The Ring That Caesar Wore by Ashley Gardner

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