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The McLaughlin Brothers Volume Two

McLaughlin Brothers Books 3 and 4

Books 3 and 4 of the McLaughlin Brothers, collected into one PRINT volume:

Never Say Never (McLaughlin Brothers, Book 3)

Austin McLaughlin and Brooke Marsh used to scorch the sheets, both of them daring and adventurous. Their motto was never to say never.

But after their relationship crashed and burned, both vowed never to speak to the other again. Now they’re thrown together as Brooke’s friends marry McLaughlins, and she’s forced into close proximity with Austin.

Austin decides to take on Brooke’s challenge of them being civil to each other, friends. He accepts her invitation to look at luxury cars at her dealership and to keep things casual, detached.

But sparks instantly fly, and soon Brooke is fighting her attraction to Austin that never went away. Can they keep it casual with all that is burning between them? Or will they once more decide to never say never.

Give Me One Night (McLaughlin Brothers, Book 4)

Whoever thought getting married would be this complicated? As Calandra and Ryan’s wedding day approaches, their lives spin into chaos, until both wonder if they’ll ever be married at all.

Ryan had known Calandra forever—it was Calandra-and-Ryan all through school and into their adulthood. They were each other’s first crush, first kiss, first real relationship, first … everything.

As their world collapses, Ryan makes plans to steal Calandra away. He’s king of the grand gesture, and he plans to make this escape the best of her life.

And it works, but not in the way either of them anticipated …

The Details

Publisher: JA / AG Publishing
Published: September 2020
ISBN-13: 978-1-951041-38-0