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Tiger Striped

Novella: Shifters Unbound

Tiger …

The call he must answer …

Tiger wakes in the night, knowing something is wrong in the world. Carly, mate of his heart, is next to him, and he hears his son’s breathing. They are safe.

But someone, someone cries out with a despair he can’t ignore …

Carly won’t let Tiger go alone, and neither will Connor, the cub who will become one of the greatest Shifters of them all—Tiger knows. He sees.

But for now, Tiger can’t ignore the call. He, Carly, and Connor take Dylan’s truck and head into the night, on what proves to be the most important mission of Tiger’s life …

A novella of the Shifters Unbound series. In print on its own or in the Shifters Unbound Novellas anthology.

Tiger Striped audiobook by Jennifer Ashley & Allyson James
Audiobook Edition

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The Details

Publisher: JA / AG Publishing
Published: May 2018
ISBN-13: 978-1-946455-10-9