Jennifer Ashley

Shifters Unbound: Chronology and Reading Order

Pride Mates
Austin, July (year 1)
Liam and Kim

Primal Bonds
Austin, February – March (year 2)
Sean and Andrea

Wild Cat
Las Vegas, March – April (year 2)
Diego and Cassidy

Austin, August (year 2)
Ronan and Elizabeth

Hard Mated
Austin, October (year 2)
Spike and Maya

Mate Claimed
Las Vegas, November (year 2)
Iona and Eric

Perfect Mate
Las Vegas, January (year 3)
Nell and Cormac
Perfect Mate is by itself as an e-book, and in print in the Unbound anthology

Lone Wolf
Austin, May (year 3)
Ellison and Maria
Feral Heat and Lone Wolf are published together in the print anthology, Shifter Mates.

Tiger Magic
Austin, June (year 3)
Tiger and Carly

Feral Heat
Austin, July (year 3)
Jace and Deni
Note: Feral Heat and Lone Wolf are published together in the print anthology, Shifter Mates.

Wild Wolf
Las Vegas, August (year 3)
Graham and Misty

Bear Attraction
Austin, November (year 3)
Walker and Rebecca

Lion Eyes
Austin, November (year 3)
Seamus and Bree

Mate Bond
North Carolina, January (year 4)
Bowman and Kenzie

Bad Wolf
Austin, March (year 4)
Broderick and Joanna

Wild Things
Austin, April (year 4)
Mason and Jasmine

White Tiger
Austin, May (year 4)
Kendrick and Addison

Guardian’s Mate
Montana, Alaska, and Austin, June (year 4)
Zander and Rae

Red Wolf
Austin and New Orleans, August (year 4)
Jaycee Bordeaux and Dimitri Kashnikov

Midnight Wolf
New Orleans, elsewhere, September (year 4)
Angus Murray and Tamsin Calloway

Tiger Striped
Austin, October (year 4)
Tiger and Carly

A Shifter Christmas Carol
Austin and New Orleans, December (year 4)
Dylan’s Christmas adventure 

Iron Master
Las Vegas, January (year 5)
Stuart Reid and Piegi

The Last Warrior
Various, March (year 5)
Ben and Rianne Mac Aodha

Tiger’s Daughter
Austin, November (year 5)
Connor Morrissey and Tiger Girl

Bear Facts
Las Vegas, January (year 6)
Shane and …

More to come!

Note that I have used “Year 1,” “Year 2,” and so forth instead of exact years. This is because the series is not tied to any specific years. Year 1 can be whatever you like.

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