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Shifters Unbound

Click here for a chronology and reading order of Shifters Unbound.

Pride Mates by Jennifer Ashley
Pride Mates
Book 1

Primal Bonds by Jennifer Ashley
Primal Bonds
Book 2

Shifter Made by Jennifer Ashley
Shifter Made
Prequel Novella

Book 2.5

Wild Cat by Jennifer Ashley
Wild Cat
Book 3

Hard Mated
Book 3.5

Mate Claimed by Jennifer Ashley
Mate Claimed
Book 4

Perfect Mate by Jennifer Ashley
Perfect Mate
Book 4.25

Lone Wolf by Jennifer Ashley
Lone Wolf
Book 4.5

Tiger Magic by Jennifer Ashley
Tiger Magic
Book 5

Feral Heat by Jennifer Ashley
Feral Heat
Book 5.5

Wild Wolf by Jennifer Ashley
Wild Wolf
Book 6

Bear Attraction
Book 6.5

Mate Bond
Book 7

Lion Eyes
Book 7.25

Bad Wolf
Book 7.5

Wild Things
Book 7.75

White Tiger
Book 8

Red Wolf
Book 10

Midnight Wolf
Book 11

Tiger Striped

Iron Master
Book 12


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