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Death at the Crystal Palace

Book 5: Below Stairs Mysteries

Kat is approached during an outing at the Crystal Palace in Sydenham by a lady who claims someone in her family is trying to poison her. Is she imagining things or in real danger? Kat decides she can’t turn from her plea. As she investigates, aided by Lady Cynthia, she uncovers more and more about Lady Covington’s eccentric family, concluding that Lady Covington’s conviction is true. But who is administering the poison, how, and why?

Meanwhile, Daniel has been sent to watch a prominent aristocrat who might have ties to brutal stabbings in Ireland. To add to Kat’s worries, Lady Cynthia’s family has arrived to either see Cynthia married, or carry her home. But Kat soon suspects that Lord and Lady Clifford have ulterior motives for coming to London.

Kat has her hands full keeping an eye on Lord Clifford, investigating Lady Covington’s claims, and also helping Daniel in a desperate ruse that could have very dangerous consequences …

Death at the Crystal Palace audiobook by Jennifer Ashley & Allyson James
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The Details

Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Published: July 2021
ISBN-13: 978-0593099391