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The Redeeming

Book 5: Immortals

For seven hundred years the Immortal warrior Tain was held captive and tortured by a powerful demon, retreating into madness to mitigate his pain. Set free by his brothers Tain has wandered the world, but he’s drawn to Los Angeles, a city divided by demon lords and vampire masters, the death-magic creatures just kept in line by strict rules and the paranormal police.

Samantha Taylor, detective in the paranormal division, is committed to bringing down drug-selling demons and vampires who turn too many victims. She’s good at her job, but her stakeout of a demon club is blown by the appearance of a man with amazing power, who kills attacking demons with one burst of magic.

Samantha realizes to her shock that the man is Tain, the Immortal she helped rescue, whose healing touch burns her at the same time it arouses her.

Tain is back, and he needs Samantha’s help. Young demon women are being murdered, and though Tain has no love for demons, he recognizes that they are innocents. He’s also powerfully drawn to Samantha, a half demon, and fears his pull to her means he hasn’t healed from his ordeal. Tain reveals to Samantha more about herself than she’s comfortable knowing, but though she’s falling for Tain, she knows he’ll never allow himself to be tied to demonkind again.

When the killer endangers both of them, as well as people they love, they have to solve the case together and fight the growing, powerful attraction between them, a battle they are steadily losing.

Welcome back to the world of the Immortals, where vamps, weres, demons, witches, and Immortals warriors exist in the real world, and the forces of life magic and death magic struggle for balance.

The Redeeming audiobook by Jennifer Ashley & Allyson James
Audiobook Edition

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Format: Unabridged
Narrator: Rebecca Cook
Time: 9h 58m

The Details

Publisher: JA / AG Publishing
Published: May 2008