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Mackenzies: Lords of the Highlands Collections

Mackenzie lords and ladies find adventure and love in this collection of two novels and a novella:

Alec Mackenzie’s Art of Seduction

A fugitive Highlander. A proper English lady.

Alec Mackenzie will do anything to find his captured brother, including pretending to be a penniless drawing master to London aristocrats. The man who might know about Alec’s brother is a powerful duke, and that duke has daughter who needs art lessons …

The Devilish Lord Will

When Josette needs help finding a stash of gold believed lost in the Highlands, she turns to Will Mackenzie, the most cunning, devious, and clever man she knows. But trusting Will with her secrets is akin to trusting the devil himself. Will has more secrets than Josette ever can fathom, and the most dangerous thing of all is that he’s already stolen her heart.

Fiona and the Three Wise Highlanders (Christmas novella)

Stuart Cameron must fulfill a task to repay the reprobates Gair and Padruig, who have smuggled him across Scotland at Christmas in 1746. The beautiful Fiona Macdonald, sister to his enemy, is the only one who can help him finish the task and free himself. But can Stuart trust himself around the siren who has stolen his heart?


The Details

Publisher: JA / AG Publishing
Published: June 2022
ISBN-13: 9781951041939