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From Jennifer, With Love

I pulled together 3 full books from 3 of my paranormal series (Immortals, Shifters Unbound, Stormwalker), to present in a boxed set

A group of author friends decided we’d give you all samples of our series–full books, not “excerpts” or novellas.

Authors participating: 

Me–FROM JENNIFER WITH LOVE–Shifters, Dragons, Immortal Warriors and Vampires await you in this boooks from Jennifer Ashley!
FROM LEXI WITH LOVE –Sexy Romance with Hot Spirits, Sizzling Cowboys, and Hunks from Out of This World, by Lexi Post.
FROM SABLE WITH LOVE – Seven Steaming Hot Romance Novels by Sable Hunter
FROM RANDI WITH LOVE – Seven Sexy Cowboy Romances, Full-length Stories to Spice Up your Holidays! For You With Love, Randi Alexander
FROM FELICITY WITH LOVE – Four Hot Paranormal Romance Books in One by Felicity Heaton
FROM CARIS WITH LOVE – Four Sizzling Paranormal Romances to Heat Up your Night by Caris Roane

Collect one or all and enjoy!


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Tina Gerow
Tina Gerow
5 years ago

Yaaaaaayy! Off to download….