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Coming Soon

Below are the upcoming books from Jennifer Ashley and Ashley Gardner.

Books by Jennifer Ashley, Allyson James, Ashley Gardner

A Very Highland Holiday

Mackenzies-connected novella in multi-author boxed set

October 2020

Christmas, 1746

Stuart Cameron, friend to Mal, Alec, and Will Mackenzie meets his match in a wayside inn.

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The Custom House Murders

Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries: Book 15

November 2020 

Back in London, Captain Lacey deals with a task set by James Denis, and also helps out an old friend.

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The Last Warrior

Shifters Unbound: Book 13

Feb 2021

Ben’s Story! 

While assisting Lady Aisling on an onerous task, Ben is given a task still more onerous, one that will call upon the help of many of Ben’s Shifter friends.

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A Gladiator's Tale

Book 2: Leonidas the Gladiator Mysteries

April 2021

Aemil asks Leonidas to look into mysterious disappearances and deaths of the gladiators in his ludus.

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A Midsummer Night's Romance

Regency Romance in a multi-author boxed set

May 2021

Lord Guy Lovell (friend to Ash from “Duke in Search of a Duchess” in Dukes by the Dozen) agrees to help keep suitors from hounding a harried young widow by pretending there is an “understanding” between them.

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Mackenzies / McBrides

More to come

June-July 2020 (and beyond)

Mackenzies! Look for Mackenzies, Next Generation; Captain Ellis’s story (18th Century Mackenzies), and Old Dan Mackenzie (the first Duke’s) story to come!

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Death at the Crystal Palace

Below Stairs Mysteries Book 5

July 2021

Kat helps a woman she meets at the Crystal Palace who claims she is being poisoned. Meanwhile, Cynthia’s parents arrive, seemingly to take charge of her life, but Kat and Daniel believe they are up to something.

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More Books!


More Captain Lacey, Shifters, Stormwalker, mysteries, Mackenzies, and who knows what else!

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Spiritwalker (Stormwalker)

Book 7: Stormwalker

Janet and Mick battle supernatural forces and plan their wedding at the same time. Which will prove more challenging?

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Also see the Ashley Gardner Mysteries website for the release schedule for The Captain Lacy Regency mysteries, including new books and novellas.