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Category: Paranormal romance

The Last Warrior (Shifters Unbound Book 13, but technically story number 24) is out! This is Ben’s story! He’s tasked to rescue and take care of Rhianne, the daughter of Lady Aisling, and he spirits her away to the safety of the haunted house.

But Rhianne has a secret, one she doesn’t know herself. Helping her face it will put Ben in the most danger he’s faced in his life.

Find it in paperback and e-book (audio in the works)

Amazon Worldwide

More Shifters to come!!

The Last Warrior (BEN’s book!) is now up for pre-order.


Amazon Worldwide:




Lady Aisling assigns Ben an impossible task, one he can’t refuse. 

Join Ben and many other Shifters for his long-awaited story.

Though it’s called The Last Warrior, the “Last” refers to Ben, the last of his kind. It is NOT the last Shifter book. Much more to do in this world!