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Category: Historical Romance

I have re-released the Regency romance Duke in Search of a Duchess, that originally appeared in the Dukes by the Dozen anthology (which has since been taken off sale).

The Duke of Ashford is fixed in his unvarying routine, and his three children have decided that what he needs to soften him up is a wife. The young widow next door, Helena Courtland, is the perfect person to help find a match for him–to Ashford’s dismay. He can’t think of anyone worse than the talkative, busybody, interfering Helena Courtland barging into his life. He also doesn’t understand why he keeps wanting to kiss her …






If you already have the Dukes antho, then you have it, but it is now available on its own. I am working on a sequel, starring Ashford’s friend Guy. (A Kiss for Luck, in A Midsummer Night’s Romance).


I am and have been doing much writing, on many different projects. I get lots of email asking me when such and so book will be out, but right now I can only say for certain that Murder in the East End (Kat Holloway Book 4) is out August 4 (in e-book, print, and audio).

Everything else does not have a definite pub date. I’m giving myself time to sit back and WRITE until I have manuscripts finished. Once they are out for edits, I will start putting books on pre-order and deciding exact dates.

That said, I am working on, in Mystery: a Leonidas the Gladiator novel; Kat Holloway Book 5; a new Captain Lacey. In Romance: The next Shifter, Captain Ellis’s story in the Mackenzies, and some new fun things, and some novellas for multi-author anthologies. Also Stormwalker is up!

I am deep in my cave, typing away. I will post details on all these projects as soon as I have finished books and firm dates. Plus covers. I love cover reveals.