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Book Updates

I am and have been doing much writing, on many different projects. I get lots of email asking me when such and so book will be out, but right now I can only say for certain that Murder in the East End (Kat Holloway Book 4) is out August 4 (in e-book, print, and audio).

Everything else does not have a definite pub date. I’m giving myself time to sit back and WRITE until I have manuscripts finished. Once they are out for edits, I will start putting books on pre-order and deciding exact dates.

That said, I am working on, in Mystery: a Leonidas the Gladiator novel; Kat Holloway Book 5; a new Captain Lacey. In Romance: The next Shifter, Captain Ellis’s story in the Mackenzies, and some new fun things, and some novellas for multi-author anthologies. Also Stormwalker is up!

I am deep in my cave, typing away. I will post details on all these projects as soon as I have finished books and firm dates. Plus covers. I love cover reveals.


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Linda Hinson
Linda Hinson
2 years ago

Why does Captain Lacey Book 14 not available in audible?

Linda Hinson
Linda Hinson
2 years ago
Reply to  JenniferA

Thank you, I am an avid reader with a print book, a car audible, and a bedtime audible…all going at the same time. I go through 3-5 books a week and I just completed your Captain Lacey series. I have vision issues so I have some difficulty with small print in paperback books but I can read those in the daytime. I love your series by maybe by the end of 14 books he will practice a little more anger management and I love Dennis!