Jennifer Ashley

Tales of the Shareem Volume 1

Books 1-3

About the Book

Tales of the Shareem, Volume One collects the first three full-length novels of the Shareem series into one set.

Book 1: Rees
Lady Talan d’Urvey has never heard of Shareem, until she reads the diary of a lady who spent two glorious weeks with one. Talan, about to take vows of celibacy, decides to try a Shareem for a brief time before she shuts herself from the world. She doesn’t know what she’s getting into when she chooses Rees, the Shareem who is all levels rolled into one. No one knows exactly what Rees is, or what he’ll do.

Book 2: Rio
Nella meets her first Shareem when he rescues her from an assassin and hides her away with friends. Rio, a level three and proud of it, becomes very protective of Nella, and teaches her how to trust him. All Nella wants is to get home, but that means leaving this very delectable man behind.

Book 3: Aiden and Ky
Brianne, of the ruling family, inadvertently causes level-one Aiden’s arrest when she smiles at him. She learns, to her horror, that he is to be terminated for the crime of looking at her, and works to set him free. Aiden is forgiving, but Ky is furious that Brianne nearly caused the death of his best friend. Taking his revenge stirs up hidden feelings in Ky that are dangerous and even deadly.

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The Details

Published: August 17, 2014
Publisher: JA / AG Publishing
Formats: Ebook
Genres & Tropes
Romantic Fantasy, Paranormal Erotica, Paranormal Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy