Jennifer Ashley

Tales of the Shareem

Steamy Science Fiction Romance

The Shareem were made to be all things to women, to live to please, and to have no emotions—not anger, jealousy, joy, or love. They come in three levels: pure sensuality, fun and games, and the ultimate experience.

Book cover for Eland and Jeanne by Allyson JamesEland and JeannePrequel Novella
Book cover for Rees by Allyson JamesReesBook 1
Book cover for Rio by Allyson JamesRioBook 2
Book cover for Calder by Allyson JamesCalderBook 4
Book cover for Braden by Allyson JamesBradenBook 5
Book cover for Justin by Allyson JamesJustinBook 6
Book cover for Kieran by Allyson JamesKieranBook 7
Book cover for Tales of the Shareem Volume 3 by Allyson JamesTales of the Shareem Volume 3One Novel & Two Novellas

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