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Book 2: Stormwalker Series

My day bursts into chaos when a Changer charges into my hotel, attacking me with a message spell. I have to obey the message, whether I like it or not. But that’s okay, because it’s from Mick, my dragon boyfriend, guiding me to Death Valley where he’s been imprisoned by the Dragon Council.

Rescuing him takes all my strength, not to mention the wild magics I inherited from my evil-goddess mom, plus Nash, the sheriff who’s impervious to magic. But once Mick is free, he tells me he’s bound to the Dragon Council to appear at a trial for breaking dragon law. He’s already been found guilty, and now they’ll sentence him, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll let him live.

Forget that. I’ll do anything in my power to keep Mick safe from the sticks-up-their-dragon-tails Council, even if it means letting forth my goddess power, and challenging the likes of Coyote, all my new friends, and even Mick himself.

On top of this, a stranger who stayed at my hotel got himself murdered, and I have to figure out who did it as well as stop the guy, who keeps stubbornly coming back to life.

It’s always something at my Magellan hotel, where magic is real, and the paranormal is normal.

Firewalker audiobook by Jennifer Ashley & Allyson James
Audiobook Edition

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Format: Unabridged
Narrator: Hillary Huber
Time: 9h 56m

The Details

Publisher: JA / AG Publishing
Published: November 2010