Jennifer Ashley

Stormwalker Cast of Characters

From Stormwalker

Janet Begay:
Raised on the Navajo Nation, Janet can draw the power of storms to feed her formidable latent magic. Without a storm, she’s pretty powerless. Storm power makes her crazy, and only Mick can ease her down.

An inked biker bad boy dragon-shifter who rescued Janet from the clutches of her own power. Mick wields powerful fire magic and can draw off her storm powers with his sensual touch.

Nash Jones:
The Sheriff of Hopi County, he’s an Unbeliever, not fond of people who claim they use magic. He’s ex-Army special forces, a stickler for rules and regs, and might possess the most potent magic of all.

Maya Medina:
A beautiful electrician with many secrets.

Fremont Hansen:
A plumber who calls himself a minor mage. He has secrets too.

Jamison Kee:
A Navajo shape shifter (a Changer), friend to Janet. He’s responsible for bringing her to Magellan.

A shape-shifting trickster god with an eye for the ladies. Despite his jovial exterior, Janet knows he’s damn dangerous.

Amy McGuire:
Nash Jones’s fiancée, she’s disappeared without a trace.

Chief McGuire:
Magellan’s chief of police and a worried father.

From Fire Walker

Cassandra Bryson:
A beautiful witch with a murky past but one heck of an efficient hotel receptionist.

Pamela Grant:
A wolf Changer with a sinister message.

Jim Mohan:
A hiker. Maybe.

One of Mick’s people, he calls himself a friend. Or maybe an enemy. He hasn’t decided.

Drake and Bancroft:
Dragons who prefer long, black, chauffered limos.

From Shadow Walker

An Apache from the White Mountains, Elena is one heck of a cook and has shamans in her ancestry.

Ruby Begay:
Janet’s grandmother who raised her, hates Janet’s real mother, and can become a Crow.

She’s young, dangerous, powerful, and elusive.

From Double Hexed

Emmett Smith:
A powerful mage no one, but no one wants to mess with.

From Nightwalker

An important woman from Coyote’s past.

An English WWII vet who became a Nightwalker in a covert experiment. Now he lives in Janet’s hotel, watches classic movies, and collects stamps.

A mage who’s ambition is to challenge Emmett Smith for his lofty position.

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