Mortal Temptations

Book 1: Mortal Demigods Series

Nico and Andreas, two demigods, have been sentenced by Hera to spend their life on earth pleasuring woman after woman, falling in love with each until the women break their hearts.

The curse has haunted them for centuries, until Nico finds the means to break the curse buried in a text of ancient Egyptian writing. The only fragment left of that writing is in a New York antique shop owned by Patricia Lake. When Patricia finds a hot-bodied man with long black wings passed out in her antique store, she’s unnerved but intrigued.

Nico looks into Patricia’s blue-green eyes and knows he’s going to fall madly in love with her. Patricia wants to help him break the curse, but Hera has other ideas, and hounds Patricia and Nico, Andreas and the Egyptologist Rebecca as they fly to London and then Egypt to find the solution.

Nico knows that if they don’t break the curse, Patricia will break his heart harder than it’s ever been broken before.