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Mortal Sensations

Featured in the Wedding Favors Anthology

Wedding Favors (Mortal Sensations)

Madison Rainey has been in love with Thomas Dupree since they were kids. Thomas is now the successful owner of an international courier business with his brother, coming and going at odd times. Madison has inherited a huge house from her grandmother, an old place that needs much care. When another man after Madison tries to swindle it out from under her, Thomas steps in to help.

Thomas has always been hot for Madison, but life took them apart when they were younger. Also Marc has a secret–he and his four brothers are shifters, who can take the shape of any animal.

But when Thomas and Madison are magically locked into Madison’s house for a weekend, joined by a mysterious man who calls himself Alexi, things happen beyond Madison’s and Marc’s wildest dreams.

A novella in the Wedding Favors anthology.


“This story will hook you from the first word to the last one . . . A very tempting read.”

— Night Owl Reviews

“Mortal Seductions does an excellent job developing Demitri’s story, and showing the depth of feeling between himself and Val . . . Very interesting love scenes . . . I loved watching Val and Demitri try to work out their issues. Excellent job!”

— Romance Junkies, five stars

“A very modern story with lots of homages to ancient cultures and lots of hot, powerful men. Amazing characters kept me involved from beginning to end. Ms. James brings the heat, adventure, and juicy surprises that readers are demanding. The sex is smokin’ hot . . . both sensual and amusing.”

— Just Erotic Romance Reviews, five stars

The Details

Publisher: Berkley
Published: June 2010
ISBN-10: 0425234584
ISBN-13: 978-0425234587