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Mortal Seductions

Book 2: Mortal Demigods Series

Val has a limited time to prove to Aphrodite that she’s reformed–no longer the out-of-control vengeance demonness who punished unfaithful men.

Demitri, a demigod who can shape-change into a fearsome tiger, once tamed Val, handing her over to Aphrodite to be retrained as her priestess. But when Val is assigned to bring together Leon Dupree, a Cajun who can shape-shift into anything he likes, and a woman on his Egyptologist brother’s dig, Leon brings out the demonness in Val that she has long strived to keep suppressed. Val suddenly wants not only Leon, but her old lover Demitri, and the three of them burn up the desert sands.

Both men are instructed to bring the reformed Val to Aphrodite by a certain deadline, or they will be punished along with Val. Val doesn’t want the two men she’s in love with to suffer for her sins, but whenever the three of them find themselves alone, they can’t keep it to a simmer.

The Details

Publisher: Berkley
Published: September 2009
ISBN-10: 042522970X
ISBN-13: 978-0425229705