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Excerpt: Dragon Heat

Book 1: Dragon Series

Dragon Heat by Allyson James
From Chapter 3

Lisa scrambled off the couch and put her hands on his well-muscled shoulders. “You can’t go yet. It’s the middle of the night and you need clothes. If you get arrested for indecent exposure, there go your chances of finding the black dragon. And when they look up your records and find out you don’t exist, who knows what could happen to you?”

He watched her with blue eyes that held determination and a hint of sadness. “Then Lisa-ling, let us find me clothes.”

He started to move away, and she sank her fingers into his arms. “I will find them tomorrow, when the stores open. For now, you stay here.”

His brows quirked. “With you?”

“Yes, with me,” she said nervously. She turned around and picked up the remote. “We can still catch that Conan O’Brien if you want.”

He plucked the remote from her hand and tossed it aside. “I can think of much better things to do.”

He slid his arms around her and pulled her against his broad chest. Emotions raged through his eyes, worry, the need to protect her, curiosity, amazement at his venture into the human world, and desire, very strong desire.

Lisa had only just met him, just gotten used to the fact that he was human, this human. But no, she’d known him a long time. Every day for months Caleb’s voice had soothed her as he encouraged her to tell him everything that had happened to her, what worried her, what made her happy. He’d sympathized with her hardships and rejoiced with her joys. He’d let her lean against his golden scales and cry when she needed to.

He’d been there for her more than any other man–any other friend–had ever been. Even the days when she curled up silently next to him, letting his dragon warmth take the chill from the room, were comfortable. They’d watch television together, sharing popcorn, his sarcastic comments about the shows making her laugh.

Now he was here, her friend, the person who had shared joys and sorrows for half a year.

“Caleb.” She cupped his cheek in her palm and kissed him.

He moved his lips tentatively in response to hers, obviously uncertain what to do.