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Decidedly Devilish Duke

Featured in the Private Places Anthology

Private Places Anthology

By Allyson James

Amelia Lockwood finds herself in trouble when her cousin, the loathsome Preston, tells her she will not gain one penny of her trust unless she wins a game of piquet with him. If she loses, she is his to do with as he wishes.

Michael Beaulieu, now Duke of Bretherton, is shocked to find the woman he loved ten years ago standing destitute before her cousin, reduced to begging for scraps. Knowing Preston will cheat in order to win Amelia, he demands to play the game in Preston’s place.

Amelia, both overjoyed to see the estranged Michael again and outraged at his proposal, can only face him over the card table and play her best.

But the stakes for the game turn scandalous, and Amelia must decide whether to take her chances with Preston, or meet Michael’s wager, card for card.

A novella in the Private Places anthology.

The Details

Publisher: Berkley
Published: August 2008
ISBN-10: 0425221725
ISBN-13: 978-0425221723